TreasureQuest at UVU!

Quest Check-In/Festival: 5:30 pm on Friday, August 23rd
Quest Begins: 7:00 pm on Friday, August 23rd
Starting Location: The Plaza at UVU
Cost: FREE
How long? 24 hours
1st Place Prize: Free trip to Las Vegas
Teams: 2 or 4 to compete
The official winners will be announced at Wolverine Bingo on August 28th

The Plaza at UVU

This is an adventure race around Utah Valley! Teams will compete against each other for a chance to win a free trip to Las Vegas. When the race begins, the challenges and riddles will be released. Teams can pick and choose what challenges they want to do, riddles they want to solve, and how much effort they want to put in. They will not be forced to complete anything they don’t want to. The team with the most amount of points is the winner! Points are earned when you complete challenges and solve riddles. We will review ALL answers after the completion of the Treasure Quest to determine the official winners.

Here are the rules:
1) All teams will need to check in at 5:30 at the Festival. There, they will be given their team flag. The festival is located at the Plaza at UVU. The festival will have mini-challenges, crate stacking, sports, games, food, music, and prizes. Come have fun before the race begins!
2) Kick-off will start at 7pm on August 23rd and go until 7pm on August 24.
3) All photos or videos will need the team flag pictured in order for it to count. NO EXCEPTIONS! Team flags are given at the Festival.
4) The form requires a Google login, use one login for your team.
5) RESUBMIT THE FORM OFTEN! You are encouraged to save/resubmit throughout the duration of the quest by clicking “Edit your response”. Refreshing the form will lose your uploaded files.

6) You cannot delete your uploaded files, but in the case of a mistake, upload a second photo/video.
7) Be respectful and courteous wherever you go!
If you have any questions, contact